Welcome to the Website for the King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys Allotment Club. This is a lunchtime pupil club, working on the allotment behind the Biology lab.
The allotment was set up in  March 2008, with the hope of attempting to grow plants and develop practical biology skills. Since then, it has developed greatly, and we have had many successful crops, especially after the addition of the raised beds, which gave us better quality soil and a major reduction in weeds.

However, despite these achievements, we still want to improve. Over the next academic year, we would like to advance in all areas, and computerize the allotment where possible, for example in planning. The creation of this site was the first step towards that, but we still need to continue to develop.
We have plans for an interactive bed plan, so we know what to plant where, when to harvest it, and what not to plant. This, along with our Year 8 pupil leading scheme will help us to have a club that runs efficiently and smoothly. The Year 9 pupil leading scheme is a new initiative, where we aim to have at least 5 reliable Year 9 leaders, who, during peak times, can come to allotment club every day with some Year 7 and 8 students, to help with general tasks. This will mean that the club can run when none of the current pupil leaders are able to make it.
However, we are, over the coming years, going to try to attract a wider range of students, in order to make this a more accessable, innovative club.
For more info, please check out our FAQ page.
On behalf of all of the allotment club team, I would like to thank Mrs Mpofu and Mr Holland for their amazing supportive attitude towards the club, and anyone who, whether through funding or support, has helped to make this club possible. I would also like to thank the entire allotment club team, for shaping our allotment and the club into what it is now.


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