Update: Allotment & Site

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The allotment is going well, and we are in the process of considering the installation of a video linked bird feeder. There currently is an [empty] bird house, which could be linked to a LiveStream [it has an USB connection], but we are hoping for more luck with the feeder. However, we may not be able to stream it beyond the projector, as we are not currently in the possession of an AV?+Power? to USB adaptor.

Also, we are looking for more writers for the website, as, as you have seen, there are few posts, and they are somewhat irregular. If you are interested, please comment below.


Robocode Competition

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As many of you may know, Mr Pitt of the KECHB ICT department is running a RoboCode competition. This is a video he has shared on YouTube, which shows the first week robots competing.


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We’ve been away from the blog for a long time, but we are proud to announce that we will be attempting to post a constant stream of posts about exciting new updates about the reformation of beds etc.

See you soon, may your spades stay sharp!

Friday 1st April

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Yesterday, allotment club ran as normal, and many of the seeds had germinated. We also watered the plants as usual, and we appear to have accidentally planted two beds of garlic and one of onions, rather than vice versa. This isn’t a problem though, as a lot of people wanted the garlic and everything is healthy.

Friday at the Allotment

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On Friday, we planted some more seeds, tidied up around the greenhouse and watered the plants.

Today At The Allotment

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Today, allotment club did not appear to be running. However, it should be tomorrow.

Today at the Allotment

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Today, we had 7 members at the allotment. We got much work done We cleaned the greenhouse shelves, watered the raised beds and compost heaps. We also planted two more trays of seeds. Unfortunately, some glass from the greenhouse door had fallen out, so it was replaced into position.

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