Chickens 2012!

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After much waiting around while eggs went round and round in the incubator at 36.5 degrees, five of the seven eggs have hatched!

Not particularly satisfied with last year’s meagre sandwich, Mr Roden has put in a special request for a Jalfrezi. The first hatchling was destined to this end from birth, having been named… Jalfrezi.
None of the other names are certain yet, but the Earl of Sandwich seems a popular suggestion.

Finally, Matt Else’s ChickenCam is back online, this time at

Will hopefully post soon,



Update: This Week

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This week, we are beginning to put cloches on the vegetables that we are planning to overwinter, and we have harvested some of the cabbages. Unfortunately, some of the squashes have rotted, so we now have none left. We hope you are all having a good week.

October Update

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It’s been a long time with no updates, apologies for that.
Anyway, the potatoes were harvested successfully, and the parsnips are planted out for the winter. Someof the squashes have roted away, but the rest seem alright.
In other news, we were burgled during the summer, and they took all our tools, the good wheelbarrow and the wheel of the other wheelbarrow. We now have some new tools, thanks to Mrs Mpofu, and the greenhouse has a padlock.

Will try to post another update soon,

September Update.

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You will be pleased to know that the chickens are doing well, and have grown rapidly.

We are also in the progress of tidying the allotment after the holidays, as many weeds have grown. We have kindly been donated some parsnip seedlings, which will be planted once the weeds are removed.

Chickens Update – 12th July

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Okay so three chickens have hatched, and that is all we’re getting – the others didn’t make it. The names are Spot, the smallest, Nugget, as in chicken nugget, and Salron the Destroyer (I think, correct me if that’s wrong.)
They seem quite happy in a big box in the corner of the Biology lab, under a heat pad.
Matt’s live video feed is now on the side of the big cardboard box they’re in:

See (and possibly handle) the chickens: 1PM, almost every lunchtime, Biology lab.


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Well it’s been a while since we last posted to this site, and one of the biggest developments is a joint project with Nature Club to raise chickens. The eggs are currently in the incubator inside, and thanks to Matt Else from the Nature Club you can watch them live.
The ads are rather annoying, but a free service is a free service.
Thank you Matt for this, and also everyone at Nature Club for looking after the eggs.
KECHB Allotment

Friday 1st April

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Yesterday, allotment club ran as normal, and many of the seeds had germinated. We also watered the plants as usual, and we appear to have accidentally planted two beds of garlic and one of onions, rather than vice versa. This isn’t a problem though, as a lot of people wanted the garlic and everything is healthy.

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