Where is the allotment?

Clearly visible but surprisingly unnoticed, the allotment is located behind the Biology lab and Room EPL, in the strip of grass between the meeting room and the cricket pitch.

Who runs it?

Mrs Mpofu (Head of Biology) runs the club, with Tom and Joe as pupil leaders, and Fraser, Sujaan and Zac K from 9M.

When is it run?

It normally runs on Wednesdays, but during busy seasons (March-April, September) it runs more frequently.

How popular is this site?

We’re not sure at the moment, but check the counter on the right of the home page for hit numbers.

This sounds boring. Is it?

In our opinions no, but some people may find it boring. However, we try to help everyone fit in, and give people tasks that they will enjoy, so hopefully it isn’t.

Do you just mess around all lunchtime?

Although we are a small club, we do have an agenda to keep, and although we do not work all the time, we will ban people for messing around too severely. In fact, two people have been banned since the founding.

How does it work? Are you just ordered around by teachers?

No, we all have a say in the running of the club.

What year group are you now aimed at?

At the moment, we are a Year 7, 8 & 9 club, but in future years we may expand to up to Year 10.


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